Portrait Lesson

Students working from magazine pictures are working to scale where they are able to make measurements to check their work.



  1. tyra bedford-anderson says:

    I’m interested in taking art classes with and without my two kids ages 9 and 6.


  2. lindacelestian says:

    I’m replying to your inquiry about taking art classes with me. I no longer teach classes, I teach private and semi-private lessons in my home studio. I have an opening at 2:30 –3:30 on Saturdays if you are interested. It’s $25 per student as a semi – private lesson.

    If you wish to talk call my voicemail at 1-302-364-0278 and please leave a number where you can be reached and when is a good time to call.

    Best regards,

  3. Hey I am trying to learn how to draw realistic faces. I am having difficulty with shadowing faces or shadowing in general. I wanted to know if your confortable on that area, I really want to expand my drawings from having that realistic look which so far I lack off

  4. lindacelestian says:

    Yes, I can teach you how to draw and shade faces realistically. Leave me a message on my voicemail at 302-364-0278 if you are interested in setting up a lesson and I’ll call you back.

  5. Hey, can you tell me when you have openings each week. Also how much it cost for 2 people as well as 3? Lastly do you ever have any sessions as if they were workshops? Like for about 2-4+ hours and if so, what are the prices?

  6. lindacelestian says:

    I have openings for private lessons, $30 an hour or semi-private, 30 for an hour and a half, Tues. or Thurs. evenings or Sat. at 1:30. Let me know if any of these times work for you. I have a small space so 3 people is my limit. If I had 3 people for a workshop for 3 hours the cost would be $50 per person.


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