Portrait Lesson

Students working from magazine pictures are working to scale where they are able to make measurements to check their work.


Value Drawings

In this lesson students chose from black and white source material and framed out a 5 x 4 inch area to copy. Copying the scale and the values exactly is great practice.

Drawing From Nature

I set up boards to draw from. The theme this week was nature. The board is the same size as the paper so the student is drawing to scale. This way measurements can be made to check your drawing along the way. It’s a great way for beginners to work.

Negative Space Drawing

Here are finished examples of negative space drawings. This is an important lesson I always teach. The instructions are simple draw the spaces between the objects not the objects. It takes a while for people to catch on but when you get it, it will change your drawing forever.

Charcoal Drawings

Here are some samples of students work in charcoal. They drew the forms they made out of clay. I teach an additive, subtractive method with vine charcoal. I have students tone the paper light gray and use a kneaded eraser to draw the highlights. The darks are drawn in last. The lesson is about learning to see the lights and darks that describe form, and understanding gray scale. Between white and black are a variety of grays that make up the gray scale.

Everyone Working Together

This was a fun lesson. I found a cute picture of a dog on the internet. After I changed it to gray scale on my computer and printed it out I cut it into 6 equal sections. Each student drew one section and then at the end of class we taped them all together for the big reveal. Everyone did a great job. We were so excited by how good it looked.

Learning about Form

This picture shows some of my students making forms out of clay that they later drew. See post Charcoal Drawings.